Animal Healing Consultation and The Healing Journey

Available for all animals including equine

Healing from past trauma helps with unwanted behaviour issues, and anxiety and allows the body to release this before it can manifest into the physical.

Cat herb garden and sensory enrichment includes energy healing

Great for in door and outdoor cats!

Cats are offered dried herbs, essential oils and hydrosols to inhale from a mat. It is beautiful to see how they interact with each botanical and process whatever is going on for them, helping to make profound shifts within their bodies and offering them environmental enrichment. An energy healing session is also included with this offering.

 Whole Energy Body Balance For Pets (WEBB) Massage

Also available is WEBB Bodywork for Pets Practitioner training and WEBB Home training for use on your animals.

WEBB Energywork training is available at the end of the year.

A beautiful massage for all small animals. Great for anxious animals. Releases silent pain and tension that can lead to unwanted behaviour. Releases trauma stuck within the neuro-fascia network. Encourages healthy movement and circulation therefore promotes health and balance within the body.

Animal Energy Healing 

Helps relax and rebalance the body!

Why not have an energy healing for you  too, so you can both heal together?

Paws Four Healing


Paws Four Healing

Your animal healing you with flower essences.

Your animal knows you so well, so heal together using flower essences chosen for you by your animal!

Human Energy Healing

Relax with your dog/cat and enjoy healing together while you receive energy healing and chakra balance.

A Flower Essence reading can also be added to this offering. I will guide you through a beautiful plant meditation and journey and then you will choose three flower essences. These three essences will tell a story.