Animal Energy Healing 

Animal Energy Healing 

The energy healing session helps to relax your animal and rebalance the body. Trauma starts in the aura, this can be balanced out during the healing session. Energy healing can also be used as health maintenance, helping to prevent trauma from entering the physical body in the first place. By looking at the whole animal and rebalancing the body, we can create a beautiful and loving healing space for self-healing to take place. I am open to receiving any communication during the healing.

(Mission Statement from HAO;

The Healing Animals Organisation has been set up to help animals in need. All animals benefit from healing. It helps in a wide range of physical, emotional, and psychological conditions, working holistically on the whole animal, rather than on isolated symptoms.  Healing is a natural therapy, that promotes calm, trust, peace, and deep relaxation. 

Healing supports all equines/small animals at every stage of their rehabilitation. We work very closely with the veterinary fraternity to offer you and your trusted animal companion a complementary and professional service. 

Graduates of the Diploma in Equine Healing use in-depth consultation, animal husbandry skills and knowledge of environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animal and carer.


£25 - 30 mins