Animal Massage using Whole Energy Body Balance For Pets (WEBB)

Help anxious, nervous animals rebalance their nervous system while carrying out an energy connection massage that works on the physical and emotional levels and encourages energy flow around the body.  It releases trauma stuck within the neuro fascia network and creates healthy movement. It is intuitively led and the animal always leads the way. Because it also helps to balance the nervous system, it is also good for behavior issues and hyperactive dogs, especially if the behaviour is being caused by silent pain. 

The massage can be used within a rehabilitation program. If the animal is under veterinary treatment at the time, there will need to be a referral. A three-week course is recommended initially but this depends on the animal, sometimes more treatments will be required.


£30  30-minute consultation 

A course of 3 - £85 

*Please note that with very stressed dogs it may take three sessions of very light work to get them to calm down and accept the feeling of the message before we can work deeper with further sessions.